Wassermanns Fiebertraum

         Music Video for “Soul Dive” (2019):

Wassermanns Fiebertraum’s third record “MOSAIK”, released via StoneFree Records in October 2019

All music by Wassermanns Fiebertraum
Recorded and mixed by Hannes Mottl Audio Productions in Vienna in September and November 2018
Mastered by Philipp Welsing Original Mastering in Hamburg
Artwork by Felix Klee
“MOSAIK” is released via StoneFree Records 2019

The record TAUCHE DIE WELT IN FARBEN (english for PAINT THE WORLD IN COLOURS) is based on a concept story about a vivid, dreamy and curious little boy named Joschka who is fed up with monotonous daily life and likes to break with the habit. He leaves home to experience the wide unknown world and live his wanderlust.
Released: 18 December 2013

All music and words by Wassermanns Fiebertraum
Artwork by Meggy and Gangi
Recorded by Martin Frank at Tabakfabrik Passau in March 2013

Mixed by Chris Common at Sargent House Los Angeles in May 2013
Mastered by Olman Viper at Hertzwerk Studios Hamburg in Nov. 2013
Voice in the story by Markus Pissarek
Released in cooperation with our friends at Catanarchy Records


Regie, Kamera, Schnitt: Daniel Mikolajetz
Schauspielerin: Jennifer Schulte
Maske: Anna Dömling
Regie- und Kameraassistenz: Radu Gota
Assistenz: Lisa Stockinger, Philipp Fauser


Published: 17 April 2012
Recording, Mixing, Sounddesign — Alex Szabados
Mastering — Olman Viper (
Artwork — Felix Klee, Gangi



Camera: Sebastian Narbutas
Editing: Sebastian Narbutas + Stephen Foster